Sit, Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Flight, oh and you lady, keep your kids quiet.

Papa made her a homemade leash to keep lambie from getting lost.
Papa made her a homemade leash to keep lambie from getting lost.


Today is Monday, October 14th, 2013….holy cow we are really leaving the good old US of A and heading to Dublin. Well, that is if, we (I) can just survive this flight. No biggie, just 3 hours to JFK, a 3 hour layover, and then a 6 hour flight to Dublin. That should be easy, babies and toddlers are usually so well behaved and pleasant on planes, especially when they are hungry and tired 😮
After a long goodbye to our beloved boxer, Buster, we loaded up two cars full of kids/carseats and our luggage. The grandparents and aunt Sally escorted us into Tampa International airport. I had turned on my survival mode and decided whatever would be, would be and I would just have to figure it out. Now, a strategic plan for the placement of my carry ons, so as to preserve my energy for a cranky baby T. My fear, mainly, is that T will let out his loud, awful war cries that could make Chief Osceola cringe.
Papa was busy that day in his own MacGyver-like project: making lambie a leash so she would not be lost at the airport. His task had to be completed in one hour and he was stuck at his office, so supplies were limited. The outcome: a handle from a reusable shopping bag and file folder clips attached to the “leash” via loops that he had stapled on. Nice work!
A was absorbed clipping and unclipping lambie to her leash and could’ve cared less about anyone or anything else. The drama thus far… mom lost J’s mom during the parking process and was annoyed. Papa had showed up in the meantime to assist me with checking my luggage. After a long wait in line, we then had to return to the line to get my mom her gate pass. Here we found that only one person could accompany me to the gate to assist with the kids. Everyone was pretty disappointed by this development and our little harem moved upstairs to the tram area. Papa ever travelling, himself, said a quick goodbye and headed to get on his plane for Canada. The four of us continued to the tram after a tearful goodbye to Bebe and Aunt Sally.
Security…..every parent’s worst nightmare. “All liquids must be removed, ma’am, before placing anything on the belt.” Simple, right? Not, with kids! Lord only knows what was in my diaper bag…after emptying out nearly all of the contents I had to unload my heavily packed double stroller. Now to convince A to take of her shoes. T true to form was smiling and laughing all the way through security. Luckily, T was being Dr Jekyll so far, but just you wait, Mr Hyde will appear soon enough on this trip.
I must say the flight to JFK was uneventful, except for a ten minute cry by baby T and of course trying to get A and myself into an airplane bathroom (seriously can’t imagine how anyone would join the mile high club). We were over an hour late getting into JFK due to a delay taking off and then we also were delayed on the runway at JFK. Thank God for the City Mini double with it’s light weight and easy folding mechanism or I would’ve been up a certain brown creek. Now, to check our gate of departure for Dublin….I bounded up to the screen in the terminal only to find (uggghhh) that we needed to take a shuttle bus to our terminal. Down a long ramp and out in the cold NY air we waited for our shuttle bus. Luckily there was a ramp to go up into the shuttle and we actually fit inside the bus! Whewww!!!!
The three of us shared a delicious Shake Shack burger and fries before embarking on a difficult journey. I’m talking about getting two kids changed in an airport bathroom. One handicap stall, lots of wipes, and 40 minutes later we emerged…all in one piece. If you have ever changed a baby boy you know that it is tantamount to wrestling a slick pig. Imagine this whilst standing, unable to turn much either way and said piggie is in a reclined stroller. I wasn’t going to let a little challenge get in my way of ensuring we touched as little of the bathroom surfaces as possible. I really could’ve used some duck tape here, as kids like to touch everything. I was even able to get A to use the potty without touching a single public surface. I win!!!!!
Just a little Benadryl prior to the flight to dry the kids ears out, of course! What kind of mother do you think I am??? One who would give Bendadryl to make them sleepy??? Baby T was up for 2.5 hours before a crying struggle that was followed by sleep until an hour before landing. A contentedly watched the movies on the back of the headrest in front of us the entire time. She fell asleep about 2 am EST and slept for the last few hours. As for me, I stayed up the entire flight. I briefly considered the possibility of sleep before realizing that T would certainly role off his chair (can’t have another head injury) if I closed my eyes for a second. I must say the flight to Dublin wasn’t nearly as bad as I had envisioned….I guess that whole hope for the best but prepare for the worst, really worked out here.
When we landed J was able to meet us right at the terminal and both kids were beyond delighted to see him. That was so awesome; I was relieved to have baby T obsessed with someone else, even if it was only for the next hour. Like rockstars, we got to skip the line at immigration and go right to the front. Now we just had to walk a ways and go down the lift (elevator) to our car.
I walked up to our car and waited at the passenger side, J laughed and said “You want to drive home?”
“Oh yeah, that’s right….I sit on the other side in this country.” So weird sitting in the driver’s side but the steering wheel is on the right.
I likely stayed up for nearly 36 hours from October 14-15 but it was so nice for our little family to be all together again. Now if we can just get Buster here (that’ll be another post in itself). That’s all for now guys, I’ll be posting more about our first few weeks in the Emerald Isle this week.


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