Halloween In Dublin

Face Painting Halloween Day
Face Painting Halloween Day

Trick or Treat at the Embassy
Trick or Treat at the Embassy

The Friday before Halloween we walked up to the Embassy and trick or treated with all the American families in Dublin. It was quite fun with all the offices decorated up for Halloween; they were very well done with one turned into a zombie operating room, another a witch with her cauldron and smoke. I was impressed as I expected some poster board and poorly drawn pumpkins. The candy we got was interesting too….here’s what its like trick or treating in Ireland.
Mars Bars are like Milky Way back home with nougat and caramel while Milky Way are like Three Musketeers. There were peanut butter cups that said made in the USA but they were some off brand. There are fizzers instead of smarties and they have an effervescent quality to them. A got a bunch of lollipops wrapped like a grape or a strawberry and some Tesco (that’s the grocery store) brand candy bars. Milk chocolate is called dairy milk chocolate here. There were also individual bags of crisps (chips) given out. We had a really great time today and are intrigued to see how trick or treating goes here.
I went out to the Marine House with a new friend, Kristan to their halloween party. It is an absolutely beautiful house that I could not take pictures of because I do not have a phone here yet. I got to meet a few Irish folks and some other Americans who are here. All in all they seem like a pretty fun crowd and I look forward to going again.
Halloween day our family drove to Blanchard’s Town Mall; this is like Brandon Town Centre. We had a fun time checking out all the different stores here (I’ll do a separate post about the shopping here) and found out there was free face painting for the little ones for halloween. I would say today was one of the few days A didn’t insist on wearing a princess dress out and it was the one time where all the other kids were dressed up. Of course, we had no idea this Halloween event was taking place. The picture up top is of A with her face painted like a kitty; she made J get in and out of line 3 times before she finally worked up the nerve to let them paint her face. I during the line waiting had made my way into Penney’s and loaded up a T’s stroller full of warm sweaters and socks. Perfect timing I made it back to line just as it was A’s turn to get her face painted.
Trick or treat in Dublin 4….the area we live in is pretty posh (like living in Palma Ceia). A got a homemade toffee apple and lots more candy along with several Euros handed out to the children at houses where they didn’t buy any candy. Oh, I forgot to mention that candy here is called sweeties. I would say we had a successful Halloween 2013, although we certainly missed the annual Campanagan Halloween on Tara Dr we had held for the past two years. We missed having chili with two of our favorite friends and their dog/baby while drinking beers in our driveway, handing out candy, and dancing to Thriller. No Thriller, no driveways big enough to sit in, and no warm weather 😦
Until next time….


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