He Got Us Kicked Out of a Castle


Our second family excursion was to the beautiful Malahide Castle. A was bubbling with excitement as she was going to a real castle…little did she know it was an old stone house with old furniture and a rather stern,bean pole of a man that reminded us of Grimsby from The Little Mermaid. J & I spent an hour getting everyone all bundled for the trip and packing a baby bag full of snacks, drinks, etc. We made our way to the train station only to find out we had just missed the train to Malahide by less than ten minutes. J says “Oh that’s ok the next one will be along in ten minutes or so.” Or not!!!! Turns out the next train was in 39 minutes. So there we sat with two tiny children in the blustery Irish wind; I knew this little mess up could ruin our day as I had things planned to a tee with timings of meals/naps.
After a long train ride we arrived at our destination and went on probably the windiest walk I have ever been on. A got to see a peacock and had some hot cocoa and then we hurried up to the castle. Of course, we were late (by a few minutes) and went huffing and puffing into a room full of people. T rather quickly began walking around like he owned the place. Worse yet to come was his touching of valuable furniture and the dreaded screaming eagle, war cry. The museum guide gave us a piercing glare, cleared his skinny little throat and said, “Hmmmm well if he keeps it up, you must leave. He will ruin it for everyone….sorry.” and then continued on his tour without missing a beat. I’ll save you the time and just tell you…he did it again and louder and J left hurriedly with T. A and I managed to survive the tour but then she was terrified after the ghost story we heard. To this day she is afraid of even the mention of the castle guide. Looks like we will go back to Malahide when its not freezing/windy and T can act like a human being instead of a wild cat with its toe caught in a trap.
Click here to read more about Malahide Castle. Really amazing place! http://www.malahidecastleandgardens.ie/



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