Things Are Smaller Here

The famous Grafton St.
The famous Grafton St.
The first week here was somewhat mundane, which was exactly what we all needed. I slept quite a bit and lounged around a lot. I’m super disappointed that I saved Downton Abbey to watch here, only to find out I can’t watch it on Amazon Prime in this country. Uggghhhh, what’s a girl to do? Oh well, at least I have Hart of Dixie to secretly watch after J goes to bed 🙂
Our first family excursion is to Grafton Street in downtown Dublin; this is the touristy section with all kinds of shops selling souvenirs, etc. Just a little 10 minute bus ride downtown; A is all excited to ride the bus as they are double deckers here, like in London. J and I decided to each push a kid in a single stroller as opposed to bringing my fave City Mini double. Thank goodness because the bus is super crowded. I am a proponent of public transportation but have also endured a couple harrowing trips in NJ with my friend, Sam. This trip is a close second to the NJ trips only beaten out by the incredible stench of that Hobokin bus. I quickly decide I would rather walk to another continent than to ever travel with two toddlers on a bus, my back laden down with their supplies, like a pack mule. Grafton street was fun and very interesting to see the Irish culture. A bought none other than a lamb shirt; she worships her filthy little lambie, so I can imagine she must be in her own version of Nirvana where lambies are plastered on just about any product you can think of. I have discovered a horrendous, handmade lamb sweater, which A will no doubt wear to our ugly sweater Christmas party.
Just a quick 3 mile walk back home to cap the day off; luckily for us it didn’t rain (it always rains here) on the way home. The walk home was passed quickly while loving all the pretty painted doors and beautiful buildings. We promise to post some nice pics as soon as our Canon gets here. I will leave you with this thought….have you ever just seen a person and said, “He’s Irish?” Well I saw a few of those guys today, complete with sweater, dress shirt, corduroy jacket, trousers ( I know right, trousers) and that definitely Irish jawline. I swear they stepped straight out of P.S. I Love You
Here’s the actual final thought…..things are smaller here. Our beloved City Mini double is going to get dusty here as doorways are sometimes too tight for a single stroller. No problem, I’ll just strap T to my body in his Ergo Baby and push A around in a single as walking is clearly, not an option for her. That sounds pretty primal/paleo which is a good thing because it seems like I’ll be eating plenty of starches in this cold dreary climate. I think I’ll go eat a digestive now….stay tuned as I take you through a typical trip to the grocery store.


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