Burn Notice

This is the day after J burned his foot.
This is the day after J burned his foot.
This story is from nearly two weeks ago, but I am trying to get caught up here, so bear with me. I, like any mother leaving the house for even an hour, had to provide instructions for my husband of what to prepare so we could eat shortly after I would be home. I said “Just slice up these cleaned potatoes and season them and then put them on a pan. They need to go in the oven 30 minutes before Bobby gets here.” Fast forward 45 minutes….I’m just grabbing my coat at my friend’s house, getting ready to head home when her phone rings. It’s J, I’m annoyed that he has called rushing me to come home when I haven’t even been gone for an hour yet. (Might I add that this is the first time I’ve had even a few minutes alone since my arrival here.) He sounds panicked saying he has burned his foot and doesn’t know what to do and I need to come home now.
Here is my nurse’s public service announcement….If you or your child is burned 1) Remove yourself/selves from any danger 2) remove any clothing,shoes, jewelry near area of burn (as they hold heat and continue to burn your body. 3) Immerse burned part in room temp/cool water (never use very cold or ice water) 4) Get to clinic/ER immediately if you see any blisters forming or area is white/waxy looking 5) If a child under 12-14 is burned make sure they go to ER immediately, don’t be afraid to call 911 as children do very poorly with burns
It’s been two weeks nearly since the burn and poor J is still hobbling around. The top of his left foot and big toe is mostly a deep second degree burn. Essentially his foot is skinless in these areas and very painful. Until Friday, I had been doing his dressing changes and we were thankful I had experience as a home health nurse; we couldn’t imagine being this far from home without my medical training. So either marry or friend someone in the medical profession if you are going to leave the country. 🙂
I bet you are wondering how J burned his foot if he was just baking potatoes???? He decided to get all culinary that night and fry said potatoes instead of baking them. The man in him thought nothing of cooking with a pan full of hot oil while alone with two small children; one of which constantly hovers at your feet. He also thought it would be a fabulous idea to take potatoes out of a hot pan and place them on the cookie sheet he had set conveniently on top of the grates of our gas range. Unfortunately, the cookie sheet was too wide for the grates and bumped the pan, sending it careening of the range and into the air. As hot oil flew through the air, J realized baby T was in the crosshairs and most certainly would have suffered severe head/chest burns, so he jumped in the way and rescued T. I am so thankful my sweet baby boy was left unscathed ,otherwise this blog would have been being written from my prison cell. I feel terrible that poor J got burned too and am just thankful it isn’t worse. The very next day a very dirty, very special lambie was lost….stay tuned for the next episode.


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