Little Lamb Lost

If you know our family then you also know A has a filthy little lambie whom she loves dearly. Lambie is the reason why this three year old’s favorite colors are white and grey. Lambie aka Lee Da Lee came to us as a baby gift for A from a dear friend; she was a soft, fluffy, gleaming white, Baby Gund plush toy with the name Winkie on her tag. Just a little over three years later lambie is a genderless creature called he or she depending on what mood A is in. She is now what I like to call a ratty or mousey grey; basically the color of dirty dish water. She has many a battle wound including a half bitten ear, ripped off mouth stitching, and most recently a burn mark from being held up to a light bulb. Lambie has the distinctive odor of filth…peanut butter, dried spittle, and even pee. Of course, A doesn’t want her to have a bath! Somehow the day after J’s foot burning lambie simply vanished.
I like a horrible person told A lambie left because she wanted a bath. I felt SO terrible, but just could not figure out where we had left her. The last day she was seen we never left the house, so she had to be here. I searched every single square inch of our home and even went through the boxes I had taken out to the recycle to no avail. We went one day shy of a week looking, wondering, searching, comforting poor A before explaining to her that lambie may be gone for good. J & I were stumped and continued our search and then one day A and I went out shopping. T and J stayed home and when we got home J said “A, do me a favor and look behind that picture….lo and behold there was our ratty lambie. Somehow, she had been hidden behind the picture frame (baby t, likely). Of course, our large sea shipment of household goods would come during this time, so I would be stuck unpacking it all my self. More on that next time….I’m off to put away some boxes.


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