Our Sea Shipment Has Arrived

Movers 2
Alas our sea shipment has finally arrived….Today is November 13, 2013. Now if it would just put itself away. I can’t complain too much as we had two very nice movers who brought 40 boxes in and unpacked them. This is when I realize with J’s foot hurt that I am a one man band. I am not sure how I did it but, I managed to unpack our entire kitchen myself and 4 dishwasher loads later we had a clean kitchen. I also got both kids rooms unpacked and completely put away on the first day and then I ran out of gas. It was about this time that I realized the the movers had moved our garbage cans off the curb and they were not collected by the garabage men. Great!!!! Trash comes once a week and its a full week until the next collection. In a smaller home without a garage our family had become the real version of Shell Silverstein’s Sarah Cynthia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out. The garbage bags piled up and the boxes threatened to topple down upon us and I knew I had to do something…but what???? There is the old every neighbor gets a garbage bag trick, but not a great plan when you don’t know your neighbors yet. Luckily, friends of ours took several bags and a quick call to the movers had them back to collect the rest of the boxes.
We are all feeling so much more at home with a nice, clean house and all of our goodies from back home. What I wish I had brought was some canned pumpkin for our Thanksgiving pies. The Irish don’t have that sort of thing and they stopped selling pumpkins around Halloween so I can’t even make a pie from scratch! What’s a yankee to do without pumpkin pie on Turkey day; I guess I could always watch football er soccer here.
Miss you all!


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