Life In Dublin

Many of you have been curious about what life is like here. It is much the same as at home with a few exceptions. I thought since this week has been fairly quiet here that I would share some things about Dublin.
Water is free here so no one has a water bill, which is kind of crazy. We have to pay for trash collection services as they are not part of the city/county service. The hot water out of the tap gets so hot that it will scald you and it creates steam. See picture below…that is steam coming out of the tap at 150 degrees Farenheit.

150 Farenheit...sadly I know because I measured it with the thermometer.
150 Farenheit…sadly I know because I measured it with the thermometer.

I have often made hot tea with the tap water; no need to boil it 🙂 Giving the kids a bath is quite difficult as we have a cold water knob and a hot water knob; I remember being a kid and some older tubs where like this back home. I have to say I have yet to draw the perfect temperature bath for the kiddos; either too hot or too cold for them.
Gas is about 6 euro/gallon so like $9 USD, as everything has a pretty high government tax on it called VAT (its up to 23% at times).
We live in a metropolitan area so it is most convenient to walk the majority of the time or take public transportation. We have a train system, a monorail type system, and a bus. Buses are double decker here just like in the UK.
I can say that there are no fast foods within walking distance and probably the closest Mcdonald’s is a 10/15 minute drive for us. I despise fast food, so I am OK with this but I wouldn’t mind a Chik-Fil-A here or a Publix sub.
There are take away food places and that’s just to go food; mostly its Chinese, Thai, or Indian food or you can get a sub. Subs here are called baguettes; when you order you tell them if you want salad or not (that’s your lettuce, tomato, etc).
Elevators are called lifts, a trunk of a car is called a boot, and you better not ask for a ride unless you are looking to hook up. People say ridiculous things like mind your head (means duck or watch your head), hmmmm that’s nice (referring to the taste of food after a first bite), cheers (that’s a goodbye salutation), hi-ya (this is like saying hi) just to name a few. I believe I will post a video of our appliances here because they are so different and you won’t understand unless you see it.
Gotta catch up on Downton Abbey Season two, so that’s it for now, folks.


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