Thanksgiving in Ireland, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!
It’s Thursday, November 28, 2013 and here in Dublin that just means its the last Thursday in November. All of our friends and family will be celebrating Thanksgiving back in the States with delicious turkeys, fluffy mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole topped with perfectly baked marshmallows, and yummy stuffing all covered in gravy. Not to mention the pecan pies, pumpkins pies, and smorgasboard of fall desserts!
I must say it was kind of neat having a holiday all our own while the rest of the country went about their business like any other Thursday. You see here the stores are all open if you forgot something you need to bake or cook with and they aren’t out of all the ingredients because not many other Americans are here celebrating Thanksgiving. Of course, there are some ingredients that just aren’t available in Ireland, such as pumpkins this time of year and they never carry canned pumpkin puree; turkeys are hard to come by and expensive. Luckily, I can make an entire dinner from scratch so we can at least have cranberry relish.
I took the easy way out this year and our family attended a Thanksgiving party hosted by one of J’s co-workers. We had a fabulous time and it was really awesome to enjoy all of the dishes prepared by everyone else. One tends to think Thanksgiving is the traditions they and their family have always shared, so it is nice to experience other’s traditions. We enjoyed sausage cornbread stuffing instead of our usual southern style dressing and beans with rice; there was cranberry relish and our homemade salted caramel apple cheesecake, but pumpkin pie and pecan pie did not make an appearance this year 😦
All in all we had a very wonderful time and were so thankful for our opportunity to be together here in Dublin. Cheers to all our new friends who we have began celebrating this wonderful holiday season with and hugs and kisses to all our wonderful friends back home, who we miss so much. Hoping you and yours had a wonderful turkey day and realize how truly lucky and blessed you are!
One thing about living here is that you learn to do without all the comforts of home and come to know you don’t need them at all. I am loving the lack of processed foods here and look forward to posting some of the amazing creations we have been cooking/baking this season.

Much Love,


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