A Windy Day in Dublin

Wow it’s windy in Dublin lately. I’m talking gale force winds here

Check out our patio furniture here:
Windy Day dublin

As such we have been staying inside so as to avoid aforementioned gale force winds, sideways rain, and 30 degree temperatures. Floridians can handle sideways rain, so long as its 80 plus degrees and said rain only lasts for about an hour. Yeah we can withstand an armageddon style thunderstorm with hammering rains that rolls in in a matter of seconds and exits just as quickly. Sure we have seen our fair share of storms stateside, but never the continued misery of hours of rain, dark skies, and dreariness.

For today, I will cozy up inside and try to entertain two small children. Really it is my house that looks like it has been hit by gale force winds :0

Trying to stay dry in Dublin,



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