Just a Quick Trip to the Post Office


No one likes going to the post office with its gruff employees, long lines….Mom’s especially hate this task because they always forget a pen or packing tape or the address of the person to whom they are sending the package. Fellow Americans please appreciate what you have and if you don’t already, you certainly will after reading this post. 

Friday I received a card in my mail slot (its a slot in your door that mail comes through) saying I had a package at the post office to be picked up. Our mail man barely knocks on the door and then runs as if his feet are on fire, so we always end up needing to go retrieve our packages from the post. I went in this morning feeling great, so excited to get my new SuperDry jacket, and to boot I could mail out my niece’s birthday package, as well as the postcards I’ve had for 5 months.I found the one spot left to park and ran in only to find out this office is only for package pick up….duh…..why would you be able to mail and pick up at the same place, when they could be conveniently located down the street from one another? 

No way I was going to try to squeeze my car into a street parking spot, so I grabbed the baby and ran (its cold and windy today) down the street. I arrived out of breath at the “other” post office and gave the lady my items to be mailed. “Sorry, but we can only accept cash or an Irish bank card to pay at the Post.” Ahhhh yes, of course, why would anything be straightforward here. I apologized and grabbed my package/postcards and took off back to the first post office. 

I’m super excited about my Superdry coat enough so that it has erased this annoying experience from my mind. Looks like I’ll be having the husband mail my packages from the Post near where he works. You see he has an Irish bank account, but I do not. The reason for this is that he arrived to Dublin first and the banks here cannot add a person to an account, they must close one account and open a joint one. This means our bill pay, etc that we painstakingly set up here would all have to be changed. We decided this is a ridiculous rule, so we will only have one bank account and now I can’t mail my package, damn it! 

I’m thinking now of how I spoke with my mother over the weekend and she informed me that sometimes things take awhile to get done, especially when you are busy. And she is busy….she’s retired and living in a country where you have a place to park your car for free and a post office that mails and receives packages all in one place. At least you don’t have a mailman who sneaks around like a flippin ninja….if you are lucky enough to hear a knock from this stealth creature you are even less likely to catch him after he has knocked. He virtually disappears into thin air, riding around on his bike, Angela Lansbury style with a basket full of mail. My guess is packages are never actually loaded onto his bike but rather left back at the Post, thus necessitating his ninja like behavior. Ahhh the small victories when living abroad; no wonder why its acceptable to bring children into a bar here! 

Happy Monday!




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