Feckin’ Poodles


Don’t Push a Poodle…..

Today’s rant is brought to you buy the I can’t stand misbehaved, shitty little dogs campaign. The kids and I took a short drive to Sandymount beach for a morning of rare sunshine and digging in the sand. I decided not to bring our beast (boxer) today as I wanted some peace and quiet. I might add that when at the beach he is kept on his leash so as not to snag a total stranger’s toddler’s sandwich without breaking stride.

The three of us lugged all of our sand toys, beach blanket, etc out to a clear spot and plopped down. I noticed a group of Irish women and a gaggle of kids with a terrier and a Newfoundland just a few feet from our blanket. I wasn’t worried because the dogs were sticking to their group and they were cute.

Out of nowhere a wet, stinking mid sized poodle came barging onto my blanket thundering its sandy little paws all over the place. I straightened out my arm and held out my hand against the dog preventing it from completely destroying our blanket. “No, go away!” I said in a stern voice. I swear you could have heard a pin drop on that beach.

I felt like I had been so rude, but yet I was only keeping a wet, dirty dog off my clean blanket. If it were my dog or hell even a breed of dog I liked, I would’ve been OK with it. I have a huge problem being the owner of a large breed dog, who happens to be well muscled ie scary to some, because society expects me to keep him under control all the while looking the other way when small dogs misbehave. I am forever conscious that others may not find my beloved Mr. Big as endearing as I may and take no offense whatsoever. So why did I feel like I was rude for firmly, but kindly/properly correcting a dog who was in my space when I didn’t want him near?

I felt as though my poodle pushing incident was made worse when I opened my yankee mouth and my American accent came out. I suggest if you are going to take a stand against an obnoxious small dog you do it in your home country as to avoid even more ridicule than would usually be expected. But, alas, the Irish are pretty awesome and the owner apologized to me. Luckily, I ended up making friends with our beach neighbors who completely agreed with my course of action…..feckin poodles!



July 8, 2014  


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