Our First Fourth of July Abroad

Our first fourth of July abroad was pretty low key….we got invited to the US Ambassador’s residence. My hubby was working so I went alone with two small children with plans for him to stop by when he was finished working. The ambassador’s residence had the long, winding drive lined with large American flags, a huge football field (football pitch it is called here), and a kids area complete with several bounce houses and kids activities. My daughter was in her heaven as they had a few tables with ladies who painted nails as well as faces with fourth of July themed colors. It truly was fantastic with Starbucks, hotdogs, hamburgers, and various other treats and drinks for everyone to enjoy. I would love to post all of my pics from that day except there are none because I was there by myself with two small children.  So here are the highlights….

We entered into the residence to see a beautifully landscaped garden and children’s area and off my kids go ripping the carefully placed red/white/blue pinwheels right out of the ground. I attempt to corral them but they of course go in opposite directions like a planned military attack. Miss A had gone down the giant bounce slide no fewer than 3 times by the time I caught up with her and the baby had dived into an inflated train (going in the exit). They both were shoeless when I got to them yet I couldn’t remember seeing them remove their shoes during my pursuit…hmmmmm. 

I somehow managed to feed them when my husband showed up; I stood in line forever and got myself a Starbucks while our friends stood in line for literally an hour to get a hamburger. We did get to see paratroopers jump from planes and land on the football field as well as a couple soccer games. It was such a fantastic experience and we were so fortunate to have been invited. I must admit that I am relieved I was able to drive their all by myself without incident! Seriously, that was the best part of the day. 

It is really neat to be celebrating a holiday when the rest of the city is just going about the day as if it is any other on the calender. Night time was pretty hard for us though because there was a huge let down after the afternoon’s festivities. We normally would have been going to see fireworks with the kids and other friends/family members. I believe that was the biggest bummer about being away from home on July 4th, but it was SO nice to see all of my friends and family posting pictures and keeping us abreast of their celebrations. This family is proud to be American and was feeling extremely homesick without the fireworks display 😦  But as my husband said, “I don’t think they will be doing fireworks anywhere today….Ireland has this whole thing about explosives, you know the IRA, car bombings, etc. Pretty sure they aren’t going to let some Americans bring explosives in for our celebration.” Good point, J. 

I’m sorry I’ve been so lousy at keeping up with my family’s adventure here in the Emerald Isle but our spring and summer was packed with travel and we can’t wait to share it with you all! 

Until next time,



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