Gym Tan Laundry

GTL gym, tan, laundry is not something I do EVER! As a mom of two young kiddos I do a lot of laundry and carrying of heavy objects, which I suppose is my gym time. Recently, I joined a gym here in Dublin at University College Dublin; yeah that’s right I’ll be working out right along side the Irish college kids. I actually didn’t realize the implications of a college gym until my first trip there yesterday. Here is how it played out. 

I got all excited for my big trip to the gym and then realized my workout gear consisted of Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection complete with writing on the butt or inappropriate Soffe shorts. My only acceptable capri pants were way too wide for European standards, but since I had to wear something…..I threw them on with my Tampa Bay Rays shirt. Getting the to the UCD gym was my first step and since I wasn’t paying attention at all the other day when my husband drove me (to make sure I knew where it was) I relied on my GPS (sat nav here). According to Murphy’s law my GPS lost its signal at the exact moment where I realized I no longer knew the next turn to take. A quick pullover yielded me the dreaded map, but amazingly enough I found the UCD Athletic Center. 

I parked in the parking lot that said UCD gym members all other will be clamped. Yep, no tickets here in Dublin, they go straight to putting a metal boot on your wheel. Ouch! No worries though because I gave my car registration plate number the other day when I joined the gym. So why the confused face gym front staff member? Can’t find the email with my car’s info on it? I had exactly 22 minutes to work out by the time I got my picture, gave them more information, and then ran out to my car a second time.

Super high speed double time work out it is! I do NOT do cardio at the gym….I hate treadmills, steppers, and ellipticals…boring! So I stretched and did 50 pushups and decided I would do my arm workout today. I walked confidently to the weight lifting section until I saw the well muscled, Irish kids pumping iron. EEEKKKKK!!!! I can’t go in there with my tiny weights! I turned around and stealthily made my way back to the light weight dumbbell shelf. I grabbed an 8lb weight and picked it up quickly….wow are the weights heavier here or something? Ummmm, yes, they are because they are in kilograms. 8kg is definitely not 8lbs. I wanted to avoid looking dumb and disrupting the personal training session going on next to me so I made due with my selection. I’m surprised I can type this blog right now. 

I will say that after getting over my initial fear I think I’m going to really enjoy going to this gym and who knows, maybe next trip I’ll pick up a bar and do a clean and show those Irish college kids what’s up. On a side note….arms day is not something you do the day before a 3 hour CPR renewal class. I swear those dummies were made of concrete and my instructor made me do 5 cycles everytime! I’m not going to be able to move for a few days. 

Until next time!




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