A Day in Bray

bray promenade

Monday we woke up to sun streaking in the windows and decided to head out to Bray, Ireland for the day. Bray is a quaint little seaside town about a 30 minute trip on the train away. My mom is visiting us so we are trying visit as many places as we can. Monday was the last day of Bray’s Summerfest which included carnival rides on the promenade and fair food. I’m not sure how my mom and I managed to get the kids ready, make it to the train on time, and actually get onto the DART (train) with a double stroller. The kids absolutely love the train and had their faces pressed to the window for the majority of the ride.

The trip down was fairly uneventful until a small child (about 2-3 years of age) began to eat an apple whilst sitting in his stroller (it is called a pram or a buggy here). This little child did not like the skin on his apple so he just took tiny bites of skin and spat them out onto the floor of the train. His parents were oblivious to the goings on until my little girl said in her loudest voice, “Mommy, that little boy is gross! Why is he eating his apple like that?” At that very moment, as if in slow motion, the apple tumbled out of the boy’s hand and bounced dramatically onto the filthy train floor. The mother didn’t miss a beat, picked up the apple, thought about at least wiping it on her shirt, changed her mind, and handed it back to her now screaming little boy. Nice! I’m guessing little Paddy McButterfingers will be crapping his britches for the next two weeks. Irish parents are so much more carefree than their American counterparts from what I have witnessed thus far. I spent the next few minutes trying to silence a little girl’s incessant requests to know why that boy would eat an apple off the ground, priceless!

I hadn’t been to Bray and was delighted by the colorful seaside promenade…the kids were ecstatic at the carnival rides lining the street. We got there early enough that the rides hadn’t even been opened yet, so my two and a mob of others took over an empty carousel. They were just as happy to play on the free, non moving attraction which meant our little group of parents got a few moments to relax. We got ride a beautiful Victorian carousel complete with hand painted, wooden horses that had real horse hair for tails. The carousel was SO beautiful! My mom tried desperately to take a picture of the three of us on the ride, but she can’t manage a picture when the subjects are completely still, so here is what we got…..

I packed a picnic lunch because both of my children are obsessed with having picnics and bringing their own food to eat. Yogurt was a great thought until you factor in a windy Irish day to the equation…think yogurt on tiny faces, with hair stuck to yogurt. Thank goodness this public outing was complete with public restrooms (usually this type of thing is a hard find in Ireland and is never free if it is available). Ahhhh it is the little things in life after all!

My mom and I got to relax after eating while the kiddos dug up sand on the beach and played with large rocks scattered about. Each child took the customary handful of stones and put them into their pocket. They wanted to bring them home to make the stone turtles we had been talking about making earlier. I thought it was perfect timing we happened upon such wonderful, smooth stones just as we had decided to make our fun art project. We had extremely windy weather and as the sky darkened my mom and I decided it was time to head home. Our little group walked back to the DART and managed to get ourselves and our contents safely aboard.

Later that evening when my husband got home he was greeted with excited little voices telling him stories about their day at Bray. He looks at me and says, “You know you can’t take the stones from the beach….there is like a GIANT sign at the beach saying not to remove the stones.” Awesome…..well here are our pretty little Bray stone turtles….feeling horribly guilty right now 😦




August 8, 2014



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