Tiny Outbreak

When a nurse becomes a parent there are many things that she dreads, but everyone has their top few….in no particular order they are: choking, drowning, pink eye, and head lice. The last on this list was something I hadn’t thought about in years.  Sure I had spent the better part of adulthood suspicious of pink eye, throwing out mascara over an allergic reaction causing my eye to turn pink or training myself never ever to touch my face. Yes, you can scratch your face with your elbow :0

Back to the head lice thing…..the last time I had encountered these evil vermin was my first year as an RN. My patient had a horrible infestation, yet due to embarrassment, she failed to notify the staff of her condition upon admission. Thanks to an astute anesthesiologist I became alerted. I raced into action as if it were the movie, Outbreak! A quick phone call to my mother to obtain Nix and have the contents made ready for me in my bathroom and then I waited on that last two hours of my shift to end. My skin crawling more by the second…..an eternity later I changed into new scrubs and threw a surgical cap over my head (can’t be too careful) as I headed home. I called my mom as I pulled into the driveway and instructed her to leave the scene. Barely inside the front door, I stripped naked and threw my clothes into the garbage bag that my mom had left at the door per my instructions. A thorough decontamination was performed on myself and luckily, I avoided a catastrophe. Fast forward nearly ten years and I was faced once again with this vile vermin.

Last week I saw a poster up at school about lice being prominent in school and with the warm weather they were even more likely to occur. I tried to calm my panicking nerves and avoid the desire to shave my daughter’s head….I had just began to calm down when today my daughter said, “There is a note for you in my folder.” The note was a typed memo from her school alerting parents to lice being found on several girls at the school with instructions to plait (aka braid) your child’s hair and keep it up. OMFG I ran her up the stairs and into the shower; this will be our daily routine until the weather cools down in Dublin enough for the devil lice to die off. I’m not a great hair braider, so what next? I am considering a full head of braids or even better yet….corn rows. Those evil little fuckers will never be able to invade a tightly corn rowed head! Option two is a Sinead O’Connor style head shave, wait a minute, we are in Ireland after all, so that should fly right?

Hmmmmmmm the choices……maybe I should just send her to school with a surgical cap on…..it is light blue, so the same color as her uniform.

How have my fellow nurse mom’s dealt with these terrifying, yet apparently common incidences with small children?

I’ll be waiting your answers as I attempt to braid my child’s hair into tiny little braids :0

Or will it be the clippers with no guard tonight?????





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