9 Chivalrous Habits of a Gentleman

D Draper

Today while on Facebook I came across a headline that caught my attention, “9 Chivalrous Habits of a True Gentleman that Make Women Melt.”, featured at elitedaily.com

I like a curious wifey wanted to see how my husband scored according to the arbitrary scale (I figured at least 50% would be reasonable depending on the random habits they chose). WRONG!!! My other half performed only two of these habits on a rare basis!

I discussed this with him and asked him what he thought about the article. He took my phone to read the article and assess it for himself. Here is the hilarious debate that ensued:

1. Opening doors

My hubby has opened a door for me before but, it is not something he always does; in fact I’m going to say less than 10% of the time. He was unable to come back with a satisfactory response, so he shrugged his shoulders and we moved onto #2.

2. Saving the last bite of food

My sweetie has definitely eaten my entire filet mignon at a friend’s wedding while I was speaking to the person next to me. He has also on most occasions offered me a bite of his food, but I would say if he ever saved me the last bite of his food, that it was such a rare (we are talking one time) experience that I cannot recall it happening. Which is not to say that it didn’t! He plead the 5th on this one. Next…..

3. Spending time with your family

I say he spends time with my family and is polite with them but he isn’t much of a talker so, NO he doesn’t really go out of his way to be fun or interactive with them. He feels differently but, when I asked if he speaks to, hangs out with, or does with my family as I have done with his…..he was again unable to respond. Remember….silence does not equal guilt….OJ didn’t testify. Number 4…..

4. Suffering through a girly movie


This is one thing my guy will do…..he loves movies and I often don’t have the time to watch them, so he will take what he can get if I will watch one with him. Hooray, one right, only 6 more to go. He will no doubt rally and have done the rest!

5. Sending flowers

Yes!!! He has been so thoughtful as to pick up flowers for no reason. I love it!!!

6. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

He says yes and I say no……neither of us have substantial evidence to back our claim, so I will have to lie in wait and assess him on this one.

7. Kissing your forehead

He says yes and I say I can’t recall. I remember everything!!!! Bahahahaha

8. Filling up your gas tank

He says, “Yes of course! When was the last time you got your own gas???”

Me: “Yesterday morning.”

Him: “Ok, so that was like the only time in forever.”

Me: “I got it in October before my mom left, after we went to Kilkenny, after I drove to Wexford in September, and in August when my mom arrived. (I don’t drive much so these were the only times I filled up in the last few months).”

Him: No comment.

Me: “And before that we shared a car that I only drove once a week. And you left me on empty with two small kid twice in that nine month period.”

Him: “Well if you tell me when you need gas then I will go and get it.”

Me: “I think this article is about things that are done without asking.”

Silence….onto number 9….

9. Putting your jacket on

Ummmm does anyone do this? I put his slim fit tux jacket on him last month for Marine Ball. But nope I have never been in need of a someone else to put my jacket on. He agrees.


How does your hubby match up????

I must say despite his dismal score on this test that I do have a great guy who bathes our kids every night, can get any kind of stain out of a rug, and can iron garments much better than I can. I guess the 9 Chivalrous Things Your Husband Does are the 9 things that are important to you as a woman.

I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s responses on this one!

Check out the article for yourself below:

9 Chivalrous Habits Of A True Gentleman That Make Women Melt




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