My First Pair of Wellies

Despite spending 18 years in Pennsylvania, this Florida girl has a lot to learn about cold/rain weather accessories. Things like boot socks and Wellies (Wellington boots) are completely foreign to me. The last 15ish months have been spent playing with my kids in my cute, leather riding boots. I decided it was high time for a pair of waterproof wellies after nearly destroying my riding boots over the weekend at Sandymount strand.

Just two days later I heard the door bell ring and to my surprise the wellies were here. The box itself was rather impressive with the following message written on it, “by appointment to her majesty the queen suppliers of waterproof footwear.” I know right???? Those Brits forgot about the comma after majesty and queen, wtf? Ahahaha, I am probably one of the only ones to notice that but, seriously, pretty sweet box for rain boots.

Heather Wellies Box

I have pretty skinny legs and these boots are amazing! They fit my foot perfectly with room for socks and they fit snuggly (not tightly) around my teeny calves. I am feeling somewhat like a 5 year old girl with pink rain boots, but apparently my size was a popular one and the patent orange and Gator blue boots were out of stock 😦 So now I shall sport my fuschia wellies at Sandymount strand in the future. Heather Wellies 1

The only thing as exciting as my first pair of wellies was the box of Snyder’s pretzels that arrived today, as well. I guess I will spend the better half of the evening fighting with the hubs over Snyder’s honey mustard knots :0 My kids were ecstatic to get big, yellow boxes of plain Cheerios… all the Cheerios taste like Honey Nut Cheerios (odd that the plain kind aren’t available). Last but not least was a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups. I don’t advocate junk food, but God was I craving these little guys! Husband and I told our four year old (like we do with other delicious treats) that these have alcohol in them so they aren’t appropriate for her. Ahhh soon will come the day when saying that will mean she will want to eat them all!

So, that is it for our Friday here in Dublin….trying to write when I can even if it is about rubber boots and Reese’s cups




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