Vive Vivi!!!!

Most of us are fortunate enough to have lived a life so full of goodness that we still have time to stress out about the little things. A few of us have had the dark experience that may have left us shattered for a bit, but ultimately led us to realize the important things in life. I like to think I am one of the “lucky” latter ones; while the bad times were bad, they were what helped me to finally see all that is wonderful with the world.

I haven’t made the time to write too much here because I have been busy living my life to the fullest and savoring my happy, healthy kiddos. Today I learned of the passing of a two year old little girl, who happens to be the niece of a dear friend,Kelly, whom I have met in Dublin.On Paddy’s day of 2014 Vivian, her mother, father, and big sister visited Dublin and it was I who had the pleasure of meeting Vivian, or Vivi as I called her. Half hispanic and half Philippino this baby had gorgeous, thick black hair complimented by huge brown eyes, long lashes and chubby cheeks.Vivi front

And she was a fiesty, lively girl….nobody was going to put Vivi in the corner!  It’s no wonder I was immediately drawn to Vivi; I was however, surprised to see her lift her arms up at me and ask me to hold her. I’m pretty sure Vivi just liked my pretty necklace, but I was willing to take it, so I could hang out with her.

I recall eating breakfast with Vivi’s family and watching as she happily shoved food into her mouth; I looked at my own son and wondered when he would be able to eat like that after undergoing esophageal surgery at birth. Vivi was so chubby and healthy!

Just a year and a month later…this morning I watched my son devour his breakfast at Cinnamon and moments later I received a text from Kelly to let me know of Vivian’s passing. Wasn’t it just a year ago I was coveting a healthy child? In fact, back then it was all I thought about when I was around other children. Turns out…..I did and do have a healthy child. Thankfully, it was shortly after Vivi visited that I came to terms with my son’s ordeal and embraced how well things had turned out for him. The way I have changed as a person has made me look back and know I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The St. Patrick’s day parade in Ireland’s capitol was a festivity my husband and I decided we had to attend (only once) with our children. I had my heavy, Canon camera out that day and was snapping pictures left and right during the festivities at J.W. Sweetman’s. It was a lovely day full of friendship and fun….we were enjoying the company of all of our new friends and the family of four that came to visit. I was thrilled that three year old Emily and my little girl were getting along fabulously. I took some amazing pictures that day, but looking back, I remember focusing on Vivi and her daddy. The majority of the photos I took were capturing the two of them together. Daddy & Vivi 2

My heart goes out to Vivi’s wonderful, loving parents and all of her extended family. She truly was a special little girl and I can’t imagine their loss. I hope you all take a little time today to smell the roses and hold those close to you a little tighter for a little longer. What seems perfect may not be and what seems broken may turn out to be just perfect…..but that’s just life….unpredictable.




One thought on “Vive Vivi!!!!

  1. this brought tears, how sad for them; we are blessed when we have good health, even with a few bumps along the way, Aunt Lois

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