Festivus for the Rest of Us!!!!

My five year old’s school has an International night every Autumn to celebrate the different nationalities of its diverse student body. The event includes a parade with students wearing typical dress from their home country. Country themed vendor stalls sell food and other items to those in attendance. The festival was held last night and I would love to report back to my countrymen that I thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. However, I can’t because we weren’t allowed to attend….

An email from the principal was sent to all parents to thank the 65 students who would participate in the parade or work vendor stalls. “However, due to health & safety reasons you will not be able to attend International Night if you are not participating in the parade or working a vendor stall.”

Wait a second…..so who is the festival for then, if only the people working it or in the parade are attending? What is the point??? The school is K1-12 with about 30ish students in each grade….so roughly 300-400 students. That is less than 10% of the student body attending what is touted as a school event.

Oh well….I guess it is Festivus for the Restivus!







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