The One Word that Will Ruin Any Parent’s Weekend

There is one little word that can ruin any parent’s weekend….this meager word describes a rage so volatile it could rock even the calmest person’s world. Hangry: anger caused by hunger. Sure everyone’s had a dose of hangry or two at one point in life; it is the reason you feel like punching the person who cut you in line in Target. However, add hangry to a small child and we are talking WWIII.

As a recent victim of hangry I feel the need to warn other parents of its hazard…here is my harrowing story.

An unusually warm (50 degrees) January day in Dublin this past Sunday seemed like it would be a wonderful day to spend with my two kiddos. We made pancakes, cleaned up, and headed to the local pool to swim. The two hour swim should surely wear these little ones out. Never ever did I imagine the terror that was about to rain down on me as we drove home for lunch.

I handed out each child a piece of leftover Christmas chocolate (best to get it out of the way) and began to prepare our lunch when I heard a piercing scream. “My chocolate has stripes!” declared my five year old girl. I turned to see her defiant little face, mouth wide open, tears streaming down her cheeks. Twenty minutes into the screaming she agreed to give it to her brother in exchange for a new piece. Unfortunately, as soon as said brother took a bite, this tiny girl freaked out and completely lost her mind. The sixty minute tantrum I was subjected to is almost rivalled by none. Somehow, like a tornado, it suddenly stopped.

When questioned later this is all the victim had to say, “I don’t know, I was really hungry, Mommy.” So being hangry can make a child go temporarily insane even when given a chocolate. Beware fellow parents….you have been warned…always pack a snack lest you fall prey to the beast that is hangry :0

I’ll be lighting a candle, listening to some Enya, and trying to forget what the fuck happened today.




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