Holy Cannoli…You Gotta Go to Dolce Sicily!

One of Dublin’s best hidden gems for delicious desserts and amazing coffee is the unique, Dolce Sicily. I happen to love cannoli and decided it may be one of the few things I would have to give up when I moved to Dublin in 2013. Fast forward to 2015 when I stumbled upon Dolce Sicily located at 43 Dawson Street, Dublin 2….this place is nearly hidden in a small basement location at the corner of Dawson and Anne St, housed underneath The Design House.

The vibrant, lime green painted table and chairs at street level draws your eye to a sign stating, “Come down and try our amazing cannoli Siciliani.” They had me at cannoli!!!! I couldn’t believe my luck, so I snuck down the stairs and entered one of the cutest cafes I have seen. The atmosphere is buzzing without being uncomfortable crowded.

Dolce Sicily Pastry Case

A fabulous, mouth watering display of desserts greets you upon arrival; scanning the room I feel a rustic vibe complete with distressed table and chairs and wide plank wood floors. Dolce Sicily offers a few tables in front of the register for a quick chat and a cuppa, as well as a larger room with tables and a few half booth tables. The decor is simple and sweet, the tables adorned with a single flower in a glass vase and water served in crisp, green glass bottles. If you are lucky (and today we were) you can tuck into the cozy two tables nestled next to the stair case as you head back toward the main dining room.

Dolce Sicily offers freshly made, paninis and a soup of the day for lunchers, but today we are strictly coming for dessert. There is a long list of choices and I bounce back and forth between a few favorites of mine….Pear & Nutella Tart and the Peach & Custard Tart…finally settling on the tried and true Pear & Nutella Tart. My tiny guests ordered an Upside Down Pineapple Cake and of course, a cannolo. Yeah, that’s right, the singular of cannoli is cannolo. Consider yourself in the know, now.

The cannoli here is unreal! A crispy cinnamony outside and a creamy, ricotta based (we ordered the ricotta version)center with a sprinkling of crushed pistachios on the outside ends make the Dolce Sicily cannoli rock. You can order a large version for 4 euros or a small version for only 2 euros; we ordered the small version and it is just perfect for one person. Sadly, my 3 year old son ate the majority of the first cannolo he ever tried.

Dolce Sicily Canollo

The Pear & Nutella Tart at Dolce Sicily is to die for! A soft, yet crunchy crust melts in your mouth as you get a taste of the tangy pear and smooth, chocolatey Nutella. It is as pretty as it is yummy. Last but not least, the Upside Down Pineapple Cake was a moist, springy yellow cake topped with scrumptious pineapple rings.

Dolce Sicily Pear Nutella Tart

Wash your dessert down with a bold, flavorful cappuccino or latte or try a cup of tea if that suits your fancy. I personally prefer Dolce Sicily’s cappucino with its perfect froth and rich, roasted taste. If you like a strong, Italian espresso based coffee then look no further,these guys will hit the spot. Today I had a nicely brewed cup of black tea and found it a wonderful compliment to Dolce’s desserts.

Things to keep in mind for your visit are:

  1. This place is small so, best for an intimate small group.
  2. Definitely kid friendly with highly coveted desserts for little mouths. However, not so easy to get the buggies down the stairs and you would have to store the buggy outside.

Be sure to make a visit to Dolce Sicily in the near future to get a little taste of Sicily right here in Dublin….you won’t be disappointed.






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