Irish Traditions: Top Five Leap Year Proposal Spots

Happy leap year!!!! A whole extra day to spend on this beautiful planet….what will you do with that time? Did you know that Irish folklore says February 29th is the one day where women can propose marriage to their partners?

If you are a planner then you can book your trip to Ireland for 2020 and make a romantic gesture towards the man in your life. Alright, Yankees here is how to wow your man February 29th, in PS. I Love You style settings.

5. On the Liffey near the Samuel Beckett Bridge with the convention center shining in the background. Sure, you are bound to get a few drunken cheers from the patrons of the Ferryman pub, but that makes it all the more memorable.

dublin river*Picture is my own, please feel free to share just link back to this blog

4. The Ha’Penny Bridge; you might get pushed over by the throngs of eager tourist trudging across, but who better than to snap a pic of the happy couple, post proposal or keep you from jumping into the Liffey if things go south.

hapenny bridge

*thanks for this pic

3. Da Pub. His favorite place & his favorite person…what could go wrong here?? You have limitless options too. Might I suggest Stag’s Head Pub (located at 1 Dame Ct) in Dublin city center,for an authentic, Irish feel or possibly just a local pub in the quaint village you are staying in (the West of Ireland is full of these). Bonus if there is a live band and tourists to commemorate this occasion. Skip touristy Temple Bar!

*Picture is my own, please feel free to share just link back to this blog. Pictured left to right Stag’s Head Pub, Dublin & Crowe’s Pub, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

2. Cliffs of Moher. One of nature’s greatest wonders located in County Clare. The perfect place to get down on one knee here,  just don’t get to close to the edge. Soak up the scenery and hopefully have a private moment. You’ll always remember the wind and likely pouring rain, and if you are lucky….maybe even a rainbow! Cliffs Of Moher (1)






*Picture is my own, please feel free to share just link back to this blog.

1. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland. Head up north to see the amazing natural beauty of the Giant’s Causeway. Pop the question amongst perfectly hexagonal pillars of volcanic rock, just be careful as you both could quite literally get blown away in one of the windiest placs I have ever visited.

*Pictures are my own, please feel free to share just link back to this blog.


Happy Leap Year Day!



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