Malahide Gardens

Flowers Malahide Gardens

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Today’s photo and post are taking it back to Fall 2014 after I had take a photography course and began to actively use my Canon 7D. I can’t believe how far I’ve come!!!!

Malahide Castle was the first place I visited when I moved to Ireland in October 2013. I was literally 2 days off the plane and still jet lagged. Not too mention this Floridian was freezing her tail off in the frigid 40 degree weather. With numb fingers & toes I waited on the DART to take me to this castle my husband wanted the kids and I to see.

The photo above is from Sept 2014 on a much sunnier day; I snapped away  as quickly as I could to avoid being chased by the bees that day 🙂 The gardens at Malahide castle are both exotic & beautifully kept. One of my favorite things here in the Emerald Isle is the gardens featured at many of the castles/houses.

Stay with me tomorrow as we tour Malahide Castle.

🙂 Heather


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