Malahide Castle Is A Great Day Trip From Dublin

Malahide Castle.jpg

*Photo is my own, if you love it then be sure to share it just link back to my blog.

Planning a visit to Ireland??? Many travellers use Dublin as simply a port of entry and exit while they plan on exploring the rest of the country…big mistake! Dublin boasts traditional Irish pubs, live music, and legendary history. One of my favorite medieval castles is located just on the outskirts of Dublin and it is where I am taking you today. The Malahide castle was the first, I repeat, the first place I visit when I landed from America. The castle and surrounding town did not disappoint!

How ya gonna get there? Malahide Castle & Gardens is located only 9km north of Dublin, just outside the pretty town of Malahide, and can be conveniently accessed via the DART train. Expect around a 30 minute journey; if you have a car, then the best route is via the M50. Travellers looking to tour a medieval castle have got it made here….parts of the castle date back to the 12th century. Surprisingly, other than about 10 years during Cromwell’s occupation, this estate remained in the hands of the Talbot family for its entire existence until 1976.

The guided tours run from 930am-430pm, seven days a week and it is reasonable to spend 2-3 hours touring the house and spending time in the gardens. There is a nice AVOCA cafe inside the grounds, so great for coffee, snacks or a full meal if you prefer. The tour guides have been excellent on each of my 3 visits, providing a thorough, but concise explanation of each room you visit in the castle. Most have a sense of humour too! The period furniture, rugs, and accessories are absolutely amazing. You will have plenty of time for photo opportunities during the tour.

*Thanks to my husband for these photos inside the castle.

While the food at the AVOCA cafe is tasty, my advice is to save mealtime for the town of Malahide. Just a short walk from the castle, prepare to fall in love with the colorful, unique buildings and the small town coziness of Malahide. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs & eateries!

Those looking for an Irish pub with traditional music should head down to Oscar Taylors or Gibney’s Pub. Just thirsty???? A nice informal bar for a few drinks is Gilbert & Wrights or for a more contemporary vibe and something to munch on, choose Duffy’s. The Scotch Bonnet has very eclectic decor, comfy couches to lounge on and is family friendly with yummy food.

After your feast allow some time to meander down to the gorgeous Malahide beach…2km of soft sand that allows for tranquil views and peaceful walks along the beach. On a clear day you may get to see Lambay Island, Ireland’s eye and Howth. Phenomenal picture taking is here, my friends. Along the beach is The Grand Hotel which is worth a walk into for a pint and quick break before heading back into city centre.

malahide beach joe.jpg

*Thanks to my husband for these photos inside the castle.

For more great information on Malahide click here.




2 thoughts on “Malahide Castle Is A Great Day Trip From Dublin

  1. Oh how I’d love to return to Ireland. Your photographs capture its true beauty and makes me wonder how I’ll ever travel anywhere else when all I want to do is return to where I’ve already been!

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