Dublin Lighthouses: Poolbeg Lighthouse

Dublin Poolbeg Lighthouse Far_.jpg

*All photos in the post are mine, if you love them be sure to share them, just link back to my blog please.

Poolbeg Lighthouse located at The Great South Wall, Poolbeg, Dublin is just a few minutes drive from either Sandymount Strand or Ringsend. If you are a tourist staying in either of these areas and enjoy photographing lighthouses, then take a few hours and enjoy this gorgeous walk. Locals, if you haven’t been…Poolbeg Lighthouse is not only beautiful, but the 1.6km walk out is an enjoyable stroll. Expect to see runners, families with children, couples, and plenty of four legged creatures traipsing up and down the stone cobbled walkway. Take in all the sites from seagulls to cruise ships to the remains of an 1840’s swimming/bathing club (pictured bottom right).

I spotted this lovely, aqua tower below and as luck would have it seagulls started swooping in to sneak in just as I snapped this shot.

Dublin Poolbeg Lighthouse Seagulls Tower.jpg

The grounds are not rugged and you can also enjoy some beach walking if the tide is low. Make sure to pack a warm, windproof, water resistant jacket, runners, & a hat as the weather can turn at the drop of a hat and it tends to be quite windy,even when the sun is shinging. Pack a lunch or some snacks & something to drink, as there are no eateries anywhere nearby. There is a coffee stand near the lighthouse, but I am not sure of the hours (the stand wasn’t there on a this past Sunday afternoon.  I did not notice any public toilets in the vicinity, so prepare according.

Some close up details are a must…the view through this rusted out cogwheel was pretty neat.

These photos were taken using my new, mirrorless camera, Sony A6000. Wow, couldn’t be more impressed with the outcome. I’m not missing my Canon 7D one bit!

The landscape on the walk back was equally as impressive with the Poolbeg Towers and the Dublin port.

Dublin Poolbeg Towers_

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