Dublin Samuel Beckett Bridge

Dublin SB Bridge

One of the best spots to photograph for Dublin bound travellers…the Samuel Beckett Bridge. Named after a famous, Irish author, this white, cable-stayed bridge can swing sideways to allow ships to pass through. Supposedly, the sight of the Samuel Beckett swung to the side is quite impressive but rarely happens.

You can Dublin Convention Center_.jpgget some amazing shots of the SB bridge with the glowing Dublin Convention center in the background. The best time to photograph this beautiful bridge is in the blue hour just as dusk is beginning. Set up shop on Sir Rogerson’s Quay near Cardiff Lane. You can walk up and down, easily setting up your tripod, on the large walkways along the River Liffey. These photos were shot with my Canon 7D, which I have since replaced with a Sony A6000.

Famished after photographing? Stop by the Ferryman pub for some grub and a pint, it is conveniently located just across the street from Samuel Beckett Bridge.Before you cross the street take a snap of the Ferryman, itself. Ferryman Pub.jpg





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