Easter in Italy

Travelling to Italy around Easter time is a real treat! I was so impressed with the storefront displays of candy, bunnies, and most of all, giant chocolate eggs. Easter is a big deal here in Dublin, so I was quite surprised that Italy had upped the ante in the Easter department. The sweets pictured in today’s post are all taken just steps from Il Duomo in Florence. We certainly saw our fair share of excellent eggs in Venice, Rome, and Sorrento too, but the Easter sweets in Florence were quite simply to die for.

The eggs were tiny to enormous and were either colorfully decorated or beautifully wrapped. I’m not sure if I would spend upwards of 60 euros for an Easter egg, but they were awfully tempting. Check out these eggies, beautifully wrapped in chiffon and adorned with pearls and cameos, courtesy of Venchi. Only 82 euros (left) and 148 euros (right) for the lucky lady in your life!

Fancy Eggs

Venchi was a yummy little store with a real chocolate wall behind the service counter, scrumptious gelato, and of course, these lovely eggs. This gourmet Italian chocolatier can be found in NYC, as well for those of you drooling in the Empire State. Whatever you do, don’t go to Italy and forget to venture into Venchi…it’s a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Venchi DoorVenchi Choc Wall

I have SO much to post about the nine days I spent in Eataly….stay tuned and Happy Easter.




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