Why Every Parent Should Instill Wanderlust at a Young Age.

Wanderlust and the joy of travelling should be something every child experiences as soon as possible. Seeing the world and visiting other cultures opens a child’s eyes, heart, and mind to other possibilities and ways of thinking.  It is understandable that not every family can afford world travel, but keep in mind, the trips don’t have to be extravagant…they can be across to a different part of the city or somewhere in your own state, just get those kiddos used to being on the go. Seriously, some amazing natural wonders and sights to see in your own backyard in America. At age 3 & 5 my little ones are looking forward to going to Paddington station, the Eiffel Tower, and to see tulips in Amsterdam as opposed to being in 4 extracurricular activities and owning a toy store’s worth of items.

Take a look at your family’s budget to see where you can cut the fat and start travelling. The priceless memories you will create will be worth it! Pictured below my kids looking out on a canal in Venice…completely amazed at a city with streets of water.

Venice P and C at canal


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