Best Cheeseburger in Dublin

Dublin Wowburger

One of the hardest things about leaving your home country is leaving behind the food you love. While there is always new, yummy food to be had wherever you move, you will no doubt get a hankering for stuff from home. I have been craving a good old fashioned American cheeseburger since crossing the pond back in 2013….the cheeseburger to me is a fast and dirty little treat. It is not something to be fancied up and sold for 20 bucks a pop! Sorry no garlic aoili or guyere cheese for this Yankee! I’ll take an ooey gooey cheddary version with juicy beef, fresh onions, tomato, lettuce and pickles. Ya that’s right, no good cheeseburger comes without dill pickle slices; the dill pickle is not something you will find readily available here in the Emerald Isle.

I have been to all the great names here in Dublin and found them to be tasty, but never could I find something like the famous Five Guys Burgers and Fries of my homeland. As said before, the cheeseburger is a casual affair and making it gourmet is tantamount to turning Canadian poutine or any other street food you fancy into a hoighty toighty affair.

I’d heard about WowBurger a few months back thanks to Lovin Dublin, but had yet to venture downtown to give it a whirl. Today was the day my friends….hopped up on some Guinness guzzled during an early morning Irish pub photography adventure, I was ready for some WowBurger.

Dublin Wowburger 3

Wowburger is a bright, colorful little place tucked upstairs in the popular Bison Bar located at 11 Wellington Quay (key) Dublin 2. The menu choices were reminiscent of Five Guys with all toppings free. I must say I loved the quirky decor and simple nature of the place. I ordered a mini cheeseburger (single patty of beef) and my hubby ordered a bacon cheeseburger (double patty of beef) with a side of garlic butter fries.

Our orders got reversed, so I had a double cheeseburger (no problem here) and had to share with the big man I brought. The burgers were juicy & fresh, not to mention, amazing. Just like Five Guys 🙂  The garlic butter fries were to die for, but fair warning, they are shoestring fries, not the giant freshly cut potatoes I was expecting. The two of us got out of WB for 20 euros; not too shabby for two burgers, fries, and a pint of Murphy’s red ale. My only criticism is they need to offer fountain cokes for the complete experience. I shall return, but in the meantime, if you find yourself hangry for an American style burger then make sure you stop in to this hidden gem in Dublin.





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