Ways to Improve Your Photography by Finding Your Voice: Day 1

Dublin Ticknock Tree Diagonal

Life is full of journeys, both those you physically take and those you mentally take. Photography is a hobby for some and a profession for others, but it is always an art. A true expression of one’s inner self! The end result of photography is the way you perceive the world around you and how you like to use light to reflect your personality. I recently discovered a well known female photographer, Karen Hutton. I was immediately hooked on her blog and found her pieces spoke to me. I have decided to use Karen Hutton’s Finding Your Voice, 10 Days, 10 Concepts to Find Your Photographic Voice in my journey to improve my photography skills and make my images one of a kind.

So, what is it that makes me tick? Day One: My Favorite Way to Feel is….bright, happy, laughing, being active with my kids, surrounded by nature and its beautiful light and awesome wonders. I find myself drawn to bright colors like these fancy Carnivale masks in Venice. I also loveVenice Masks and feathers

natural light, and I generally like to take photos at an angle or close up, focusing on the smallest of details.

I love the angle the stairs of Basilica Santa Maria della Salute (Venice, Italy) create when I held my camera at an angle to capture this lovely, canalside photo. The middle picture is of Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin, Ireland; the view is completely different through a rusted out wheel down the pier from the lighthouse. Lastly, this up close photo of a gondola in Venice allowed me to capture what I thought was most impressive of the famous gondola….its patent leather-like finish, bright red floors, and shiny gold detailing. The devil is truly in the details!

I have taken my love of photography to share my world travels with those close to me, as well as anyone who wants to set off on a journey through my eyes. I am posting the photos that most show how I love to feel. Below is my little girl doing some heavy lifting in Dublin’s gorgeous Ticknock Park. There is nothing better than watching my kids laugh and play in all of the beautiful outdoors that Dublin, Ireland has to offer.

Dublin Ticknock P Lifting a Tree

How do you like to feel in your photography or life passion? I would love to see some comments and photos!




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