Top 3 Tips For Seeing the Tulips in Amsterdam


Amsterdam Daffodil and Tulips with WindmillHow to see the tulips in Amsterdam???? If you are looking for the best way to see tulips in Holland then check out these three tips and you will be prancing around in a sea of the Netherland’s finest flowers in no time. Not to mention, you can wow your friends and family with some pretty amazing pics when you return home.

  1. Timing is everything! Check the calendar and make sure to plan your trip for the last week of April or first two weeks of May. I visited on April 18th, 2016 and was able to capture these flaming beauties in a privately owned field. However, friends who visited even April 11, 2016, said the tulips still hadn’t bloomed yet. One to two days can be the difference between barely open buds and full bloom. Amsterdam Joe Red Tulips Close Up
  2. To Keukenhof or not to Keukenhof, that is the question??. The majority of visitors to Holland will enjoy a visit to the famous Keukenhof flower festival. An easily accessible location and full of the world’s most breathtaking flower displays make Keukenhof an easy choice for a day trip whilst in Amsterdam. However, if you are keen to get gorgeous photos then you may want to consider another option…. hiring a private guide like we did. Tom, who is from Amsterdam, showed us the many colored private fields that were located off the beaten path, rather than fight the crowds of Keukenhof. We were able to take our time and take photos with the fields all to ourselves. I don’t recommend going at this yourself, just in case you get a field owner who doesn’t want you on his property (our photo session of the red tulips got cut short for this very reason). Book your tour with Tom today at Tom’s Travel Tours.Amsterdam Field of Red Tulips
  3. Check the weather. Choose a day during your visit that is partly sunny (if possible) and go in the mid-morning for the best lighting. Nothing more captivating than bright pops of flowers against a cloudy blue, Dutch sky.
    Amsterdam Heather Fields

It’s never too early to start planning your trip to see the tulips in Holland….make sure to visit these sites for great information.

*As always, photos are my own, so if you love them, then share them, just remember to link back to my blog and credit me. *




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