Pubs to Visit in Dublin: McDaid’s

Dublin Pub McDaids Outside

Since it’s thirsty Thursday, it only seems fitting to share one of my favorite pubs here in Dublin. Make sure to visit McDaid’s when you are visiting the capitol city of the Emerald Isle. A beautiful dark blue, red, and gold facade hidden on Harry St, Dublin 2 will surprise you with its gorgeous stained glass and vintage wooden bar. Since it is right off Grafton Street you certainly won’t need to go out of your way to enjoy a pint of the black stuff at McDaid’s.

Dublin Pub McDaids inside 2Dublin Pub McDaids inside_

The bartender is friendly, the service excellent considering how busy it can be, and the Guinness here makes for a fine pint. I recommend coming here earlier in the night since this small pub can get packed later on  in the evening. Expect to find an eclectic mix of patrons, a buzzing atmosphere, and plenty of craic. If it’s open then brave the steep stairs to check out the bar on the 2nd floor.

Just a bit of history about McDaid’s….many Irish literary legends  frequented here, including Brendan Behan. In present day, you will definitely meet some Irish characters at this exquisite pub.

Whatever, you do, don’t forget to put McDaid’s on your Dublin pub crawl!



*As always, photos are mine, so if you love it be sure to share it just link back to my blog and credit me.


2 thoughts on “Pubs to Visit in Dublin: McDaid’s

  1. Hi there, I’m loving your photos. I’m putting together a tourism map of Dublin and would love to use the interior shot. Crediting will be no problem, but because it’s print, I cannot link back to your blog. Will the credit be sufficient? Thanks,

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