Improving Your Photography Skills: Finding Your Voice Day 2, Time of Day

Florence DelVecchio Bridge_

Are you looking to improve your photography? I like to find photographers who I admire and then if possible use their advice to improve my photography techniques and skills. I have newly found Karen Hutton and I adore her photos, as well as the message she sends out. Today I am posting some recently taken photos that answer the question of what time of day do you enjoy photographing. The answer for me is….it depends on what you are photographing. The beauty of photography is to be able to recognize which light of day reflects your subject best. Depending on location some spots are best viewed with the creamsicle highlights of a sunrise or a sunset or maybe with the sunny light of afternoon.

I don’t like to get up too early, so I guess you won’t see a lot of sunrise photos from me at this point, but I’m venturing out of my comfort zone here to get some good sunrise shots in the future. I love this colorful Venetian sunrise with a ferry cruising into the picture. Venice Sunrise Boat

Doge’s Palace at dawn is truly breathtaking, as well. I enjoyed photographing the door on Doge’s palace as the sun came up and a ray of light shone down onto the marble lion adorning the door.


I’ve got to say that my favorite time is at night….just something about the lights of a cityscape, especially if you can capture the trailing lights.  Which I luckily did below…this was actually one of my first times photographing at night with my new Manfrotto tripod and new Sony A6000. Building pictured is the Altare Della Patria in Rome, Italy.

Rome Altare Della Patria

And let’s not forget the blue hour which refers to dusk….you can grab some seriously amazing shots during this short window of time, just be prepared. Here is one of my top blue hour photos to date, the Dublin Convention Center, Ireland.

Dublin Convention Center_

I don’t shy away from a sunny day, either. I love the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds…perfect to capture the bright red Poolbeg Lighthouse off the coast of Dublin, Ireland. Dublin Poolbeg Lighthouse The sun can make even the bluest of waters just that much more turquoise as seen in this close up of the Irish Sea in Sandycove, Ireland. Sandycove.jpg


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