Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces in Pompeii

One of the top ten places to visit in the world is Pompeii, Italy…this town is frozen in time after Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried this town in volcanic ash. While it is certainly interesting to go back in time, nothing is more captivating than the faces of Pompeii….and I’m not talking about the plaster casts of the victims….rather, I am referring to the faces in the giant, bronze statues of the Roman dieties. These works of art are literally gigantic! To stand at the temple of Jupiter with the ominous Mount Vesuvius in the background and the gargantuan fractured head of a god, once so important to an ancient civilization, towering just to the right.

I love that this face with his perfectly sculpted features is missing the top of his head. How amazing it is to stand in awe of this face created by people just like you and me who lived so very long ago.

I hope you enjoy my Faces photo challenge.

Pompeii Head Statue Color 2016.jpg





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