Three Things You Must Do on Capri Island

Capri Island in Italy may be small but there is a whole lot to do; if you only have a day on Capri then make sure you see/do these three things.  First things first, be sure to take the first ferry out in the morning to make the best use of time and book a return time around 430 or 5pm, if possible. Without further adieu, here are the top 3 things to do on Capri Island, Italy.

1)Gotta Get to a Grotto Begin your day with a boat trip to one of the breathtaking grottos (underwater caves). Things you need to know: Boat trips last anywhere from 1-2 hours and travel around the island with entrance to a grotto an extra price. The famous Blue Grotto is just one of several on the island (coral, green, & white are the others), so you may opt to travel to a less popular one. Boat trip times vary according to the tide, so if you try to go later in the day, the tour may not be running (this is what I did and missed seeing the Blue Grotto) Capri 2016

2)Coast on to a Coastal Walk Capri Island boasts one of the most beautiful and rugged coastlines which make for a lovely walking experience and the chance to capture incredible photos. A nice walk is the Giro dell’ Arco Naturale….enjoy the giant rocks jutting out from the water and a natural limestone arch unique to the area. Read more about natural walks you can take on Capri.

Capri Boat Town Close Up 2016.jpg

3) Grab a Seat on the Funicular to Get to the Gardens of Augustus  Buy tickets for the funicular in Capri and ride up the hillside in style. What you need to know: Funicular leaves about every 15 minutes but check the site for details. Tickets are inexpensive around 1.80 euros for a single ride per person. You will walk approximately 10 minutes past the shops to get to the Gardens of Augustus. Tickets for Gardens of Augustus are also inexpensive at under 10 euros per person. Enjoy a sky high view of the Faraglioni Rocks and an aerial view of the Via Krupp (pictured below left). Plan to visit early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds.


Insider tip….book your boat tour first then plan your hike and visit to Gardens of Augustus for the latter portion of the day. There are some delicious restaurants at the Piazzetta just as you depart the funicular, so plan on lunch just prior to viewing the Gardens of Augustus.

Don’t forget to grab an authentic pair of handmade, Italian leather sandals at the likes of  Amedeo Canfora or L’Arte del Sandolo Caprese.

As always photos are my own, so if you love it share it, but don’t forget to link back to my blog. Photos available for purchase here.




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