Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone


As we take off for Donegal today we spotted the US Coast Guard Eagle on our way out of town. I, like any reasonable person, jumped out of the car to snap a photo.
I had forgotten about the Eagle’s landing in Dublin and was super excited to get the chance to capture her in a photo. Seeing the Eagle this am got me to thinking…. Everyone should experience a foreign country to gain a new perspective and also, an appreciation for your home country. The feeling I got when I saw this ship was pure joy. It was SO nice to see Old Glory flying high at the bow of the ship. As much as I am enjoying my time in the Emerald Isle, there really is no place like home. Now, if only I could shove a six year old’s sparkly red slippers on my feet and click my heels to get to Florida.
Ahhhh for the moment the beautiful Donegal is calling and I shall excitedly spend my weekend there. I just hope the Eagle waits to leave until I return to Dublin on Monday.




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