Why the Magical Donegal Town is a Must Do for Every Traveller

Top places to visit in Ireland…..sorry guys I won’t be taking you to the typical Ring of Kerry or Connemara today…no, no, I’m going to show you a gorgeous Irish village up in the northwest county of Donegal. The magical place I speak of is Donegal Town. I visited just a few days ago and I can’t recommend this place enough. County Donegal has stolen my little Yankee heart and I know it will steal yours too, wherever you hail from.

  1. A quaint Irish village with all the colorful buildings, traditional pubs, and even two large traditional Irish tweed shops. You will bump elbows with plenty of locals and get to enjoy their county’s twist on the Irish accent. The 30 cents an hour parking & cool, vintage anchor are just icing on the cake. Donegal Anchor 2016Donegal Town Square 2016
  2. The impressive Donegal Castle is less than five bucks a person (kids under 5 are free) with kids only 2 euros for admission. The best part is the tour is self guided, so need to wait around, you can explore this beauty all by yourself.Donegal Castle 2016.jpg
  3. A rather old looking Church of Ireland is located just across the street from Donegal Castle. The church is free to go into and provides an easy, yet dramatic photo of the kinds of church you hope to see in Ireland. Donegal Church 2016
  4. After a traditional Irish lunch in Donegal Town you can take a short, scenic drive through the Blue Stack Mountains and stop in the picturesque Killybegs HarbourDonegal Killybegs Harbour 2016
  5. Having spent the morning in Donegal town take the afternoon to continue driving up to Slieve League. On the way there you will spot this antique, boat wreck. If you are lucky as we were, it will be low tide and you slip around on the seaweed to snap an out of this world shot. Donegal Blue Boat Wreck 2016.jpgThese majestic cliffs are actually taller than Cliffs of Moher. Expect to see dramatic colors, hopefully moody Irish skies, and a landscape that is straight out of a fairytale. Donegal Slieve League Cliffs 2016.jpgA place where the sheep outnumber the tourists…you will be left to explore on your own and get stunning photographs sans random people in the background. Bonus: Admission and parking is free! Unless you have time/energy to make the long hike up to the Slieve League plan on opening up the gate and driving all the way to the top where there is a small parking lot. Enjoy!



As always photos are my own, so if you love it then share it but please link back to my blog. Or buy it here.


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