Travel Somewhere Magical Today

Donegal Blue Boat Wreck 2016.jpg

One of my favorite trips in Ireland has thus far been the magical county of Donegal in the west of Ireland. There was fairytale type scenery around every bend with each being more beautiful than the last, if that is possible. I stumbled upon this rustic, blue boat wreck on the drive from Donegal Town to Slieve League. Our family of four threw the car in park and without a second thought descended on that beach. We were in luck to be at low tide as we passed by, so picture taking was a breeze.

My 3 and 5 year old kids were completely amazed with the boat and spent a good twenty minutes stomping around the wreck as seaweed and shells popped and crackled under their tiny feet. I couldn’t help but think how everyone here in Ireland wonders how we left Florida for this…..meanwhile, I think we must be the luckiest beings on the planet to experience this beautiful country one weekend trip at a time. The Irish kids at school always ask my children what Disney World is like because it is a magical place they dream of visiting. Of course, my kids will regal them of that time they went to see the Mouse, but I’ve never seen their eyes light up like they did exploring the wild, remote beauty of Ireland. The best part was that we had this whole wrecked ship to ourselves and the kiddos got to pretend they were captain of the ship….much cooler than Pirates of the Caribbean, I’d say! Donegal Up Close Blue Boat.jpg

My new, lightweight Sony A6000 captured this blue beauty perfectly, complete with brooding clouds and all. Good things I wasn’t weighed down, because the slippery terrain needed my full concentration. Some words of wisdom, tourists…I would say not to wear your fave sparkly, Steve Madden flats if you visit this little boat, but they did hold up extremely well :0 Plan on being there at low tide if you want to walk up to the boat and be careful of the slippery terrain and quicksand like properties of the beach. We chose to walk nearest the top of the beach of slimy seaweed, so we didn’t sink.

Wondering how to get here??? Take N56 from Donegal Town along the coast and the boat is on the left hand side shortly after passing through Killybegs Harbour. Sorry, those are pretty Irish directions, but you will see. What are you waiting for??? Ditch the plans for Magic Kingdom and take your kids somewhere truly magical today.




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