An A-maze-ing View of Via Krupp

Capri Road Maze from Above 2016.jpg

Visit Capri Island in Italy and reward yourself with the stunning views from Gardens of Augustus. This a-maze-ing sight is the Via Krupp, a paved footpath connecting Charterhouse of San Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus with Marina Piccola. German steel millionaire, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, had this path built so he could travel between his luxury hotel, Grand Hotel Quisisana, and Marina Piccola where his marine biology research boat was docked. Supposedly, Mr. Krupp also used the path to get to sex orgies with young Italian men and this little secret got him a one way ticket back to Germany when the scandal emerged. The story of his public outing is tragic and worth a read if you have the time.

Sorry, but Via Krupp has been closed for quite some time due to falling rocks and other natural dangers. But, who needs to walk it when you can get this aerial view. Instead, head up the funicular when you land at Capri and then take the lovely 10 minute stroll up to Gardens of Augustus. Once inside the Gardens make your way to the top and veer to the right to see Via Krupp.



As always, photo is all mine…please share if you like it, but link back to my blog.


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