Is It Better to Be a Tiger Or a Sheep????

Achill Island Sheep 2016.jpg

Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred as a sheep.” Madonna

Tigers are supposed to be powerful leaders and sheep are meek followers. I thought the quote above to be kind of ironic after my trip up to Achill Island.  Not only are the sheep there a pretty cool addition to the already stunning landscape, but they are certainly fearless. These fluffy fellas (and ladies) might appear to be following a leader, however, they run amock standing on the edge of rocky cliffs, running across roads without regard, and chomping the grass on nearly vertical faces of rock. Sadly, they are also very difficult to photograph in their treacherous positions when you are zipping along a narrow, winding Irish road that overlooks the water.

So is it better to be a tiger or a sheep, ewe decide? I say, I’d be a tiger, unless I could be one of those Irish sheep in Achill Island. They are living the life, alright!





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