How to Visit the Vatican Like a Pro

Rome Vatican Tower Ceiling 1 2016.jpg

“When life gets you down, remember to look up.” 

The Vatican in Rome, Italy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is absolutely one of the top five things to do when in Rome.

Roma Vatican Front 2016.jpg

It is easy to get distracted by all of the beauty that surrounds you whilst touring the Vatican….here’s a little photography tip for your Vatican trip. Look up!!! The ceilings in St. Peter’s Basilica are phenomenal and the light coming in makes your photographs much more clear and will also make the colors pop.

Get to the Vatican as soon as it opens, (7am when we were there in April) and there will be zero lines, as you can see below. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed touring the Vatican and its tower, but babies might be difficult to take, as you must be silent whilst inside.

Rome Vatican No Line 2016.jpg

Top tips for Vatican visiting are the following:

  1. Arrive to Vatican City as soon as it opens, so you have the place to yourself.
  2. Bring plenty of cash with you, as they do not accept cards for the main entrance or the dome.
  3. Book tickets for the Vatican Musuem at the pop up cashier just outside the cathedral doors. This opened after we walked around inside and were heading back out. This cashier only accepts cash, as well! You will have to select a time that you want to enter the museum. Another option is to pre-book a guided tour.
  4. Head to the dome after the basilica. Check out the tiny gift shop on the roof. They sell very nice charms for under a euro which are perfect tiny presents to take back home.
  5.  Finish off with the Vatican Museum. Another option is to purchase a guided tour to the Vatican Museum. I highly recommend this, but you must book in advance to avoid getting ripped off.  Plan to spend several hours on this part.

Expect to spend 4-6 hours for all of the activities above.



*As always, the pics are all mine, so be sure to share if you like them, just remember to link back to this blog.

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