Travel is a Mindset

Skerries Windmill 2016

Travel isn’t about the distance, but rather the experience itself.

One of the best things about living in Europe is the ability to travel relatively cheaply to experience new cultures and scenery. While you might not be able to afford Europe or somewhere far off, remember travel is about the experience, not necessarily the distance travelled. Yesterday, I went about 30 km away from my house (4o minute drive) and found this pictured above,….not Holland, but the Skerries Mills just outside the gorgeous seaside town of Skerries, Ireland.

Skerries Beach 1 2016.jpg

We walked on another amazing Irish beach with the view of an Irish grid style pasture to the right and a stony ruin to the left.

The colorful village had a wonderful coffee shop and down on the other side of the water we ate some amazing Buffalo chicken wings at Blue Bar. Skerries Beach 5 2016.jpgOur day finished off with a tour of the Skerries Mills, which are several hundred years old. Truly an amazing day packed with local history and something to delight all five senses. All just a 40 minute drive from home!!!

Do a Google search near your home and get started on your summer local travel bucket list. Trust me folks, my tiny home town even has some cool historical places to visit, interesting buildings to photograph, and yummy Eastern European cuisine to be devoured.

Happy Hump Day!!!


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