Can’t Beat the View in Cannes

France Cannes Harbor May 2015.jpg

Happy travel Tuesday! One of the best things about travelling is relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous views. Truly life is about the simple things! Enjoy the view I had in Cannes, France last May (2015). Fortunately, I arrived the week before the famous film festival, so I got to see the setup without all the crowds. Sitting aboard a yacht sounds like my kind of day, but alas, I had to due with just a photograph. Hope you love the scenery as much as I did.



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An A-maze-ing View of Via Krupp

Capri Road Maze from Above 2016.jpg

Visit Capri Island in Italy and reward yourself with the stunning views from Gardens of Augustus. This a-maze-ing sight is the Via Krupp, a paved footpath connecting Charterhouse of San Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus with Marina Piccola. German steel millionaire, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, had this path built so he could travel between his luxury hotel, Grand Hotel Quisisana, and Marina Piccola where his marine biology research boat was docked. Supposedly, Mr. Krupp also used the path to get to sex orgies with young Italian men and this little secret got him a one way ticket back to Germany when the scandal emerged. The story of his public outing is tragic and worth a read if you have the time.

Sorry, but Via Krupp has been closed for quite some time due to falling rocks and other natural dangers. But, who needs to walk it when you can get this aerial view. Instead, head up the funicular when you land at Capri and then take the lovely 10 minute stroll up to Gardens of Augustus. Once inside the Gardens make your way to the top and veer to the right to see Via Krupp.



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Travel Somewhere Magical Today

Donegal Blue Boat Wreck 2016.jpg

One of my favorite trips in Ireland has thus far been the magical county of Donegal in the west of Ireland. There was fairytale type scenery around every bend with each being more beautiful than the last, if that is possible. I stumbled upon this rustic, blue boat wreck on the drive from Donegal Town to Slieve League. Our family of four threw the car in park and without a second thought descended on that beach. We were in luck to be at low tide as we passed by, so picture taking was a breeze.

My 3 and 5 year old kids were completely amazed with the boat and spent a good twenty minutes stomping around the wreck as seaweed and shells popped and crackled under their tiny feet. I couldn’t help but think how everyone here in Ireland wonders how we left Florida for this…..meanwhile, I think we must be the luckiest beings on the planet to experience this beautiful country one weekend trip at a time. The Irish kids at school always ask my children what Disney World is like because it is a magical place they dream of visiting. Of course, my kids will regal them of that time they went to see the Mouse, but I’ve never seen their eyes light up like they did exploring the wild, remote beauty of Ireland. The best part was that we had this whole wrecked ship to ourselves and the kiddos got to pretend they were captain of the ship….much cooler than Pirates of the Caribbean, I’d say! Donegal Up Close Blue Boat.jpg

My new, lightweight Sony A6000 captured this blue beauty perfectly, complete with brooding clouds and all. Good things I wasn’t weighed down, because the slippery terrain needed my full concentration. Some words of wisdom, tourists…I would say not to wear your fave sparkly, Steve Madden flats if you visit this little boat, but they did hold up extremely well :0 Plan on being there at low tide if you want to walk up to the boat and be careful of the slippery terrain and quicksand like properties of the beach. We chose to walk nearest the top of the beach of slimy seaweed, so we didn’t sink.

Wondering how to get here??? Take N56 from Donegal Town along the coast and the boat is on the left hand side shortly after passing through Killybegs Harbour. Sorry, those are pretty Irish directions, but you will see. What are you waiting for??? Ditch the plans for Magic Kingdom and take your kids somewhere truly magical today.



Experience the Tranquility of Killybegs Harbour

Donegal Killybegs Harbour 2016.jpg

I can’t believe it has been a week ago already that I visited the lovely County Donegal, Ireland. On the drive from Donegal town up the coast to Slieve League we stopped for a quick pic of this serene harbour in Killybegs. The town is pretty tiny and quiet, so we didn’t spend anytime exploring it, but it is certainly a nice place to get beautiful photos if that is your thing. And since it is my thing, that is exactly what I did!

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday today and remembers to slow down and enjoy this wonderful world.



Why the Magical Donegal Town is a Must Do for Every Traveller

Top places to visit in Ireland…..sorry guys I won’t be taking you to the typical Ring of Kerry or Connemara today…no, no, I’m going to show you a gorgeous Irish village up in the northwest county of Donegal. The magical place I speak of is Donegal Town. I visited just a few days ago and I can’t recommend this place enough. County Donegal has stolen my little Yankee heart and I know it will steal yours too, wherever you hail from.

  1. A quaint Irish village with all the colorful buildings, traditional pubs, and even two large traditional Irish tweed shops. You will bump elbows with plenty of locals and get to enjoy their county’s twist on the Irish accent. The 30 cents an hour parking & cool, vintage anchor are just icing on the cake. Donegal Anchor 2016Donegal Town Square 2016
  2. The impressive Donegal Castle is less than five bucks a person (kids under 5 are free) with kids only 2 euros for admission. The best part is the tour is self guided, so need to wait around, you can explore this beauty all by yourself.Donegal Castle 2016.jpg
  3. A rather old looking Church of Ireland is located just across the street from Donegal Castle. The church is free to go into and provides an easy, yet dramatic photo of the kinds of church you hope to see in Ireland. Donegal Church 2016
  4. After a traditional Irish lunch in Donegal Town you can take a short, scenic drive through the Blue Stack Mountains and stop in the picturesque Killybegs HarbourDonegal Killybegs Harbour 2016
  5. Having spent the morning in Donegal town take the afternoon to continue driving up to Slieve League. On the way there you will spot this antique, boat wreck. If you are lucky as we were, it will be low tide and you slip around on the seaweed to snap an out of this world shot. Donegal Blue Boat Wreck 2016.jpgThese majestic cliffs are actually taller than Cliffs of Moher. Expect to see dramatic colors, hopefully moody Irish skies, and a landscape that is straight out of a fairytale. Donegal Slieve League Cliffs 2016.jpgA place where the sheep outnumber the tourists…you will be left to explore on your own and get stunning photographs sans random people in the background. Bonus: Admission and parking is free! Unless you have time/energy to make the long hike up to the Slieve League plan on opening up the gate and driving all the way to the top where there is a small parking lot. Enjoy!



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Happy Memorial Day 2016


Happy Memorial Day everyone!!! A special thanks to all the brave men and women who have served or do serve in the military. Luckily, we arrived back into Dublin from Donegal just in time to explore the US Coast Guard Eagle before she left. What an impressive ship who is much older than I thought she was. I got snappy with my camera and took some pretty amazing shots featuring the Eagle with the stunning Dublin skyline as her background.

I’ve got to say I was very impressed by the crew; they were very smart and kind tour guides. The kiddos got to keep a little coin from the ship and a map explaining all the Eagle’s history and stats. Thanks to the crew for a lovely experience and for serving our country. Wishing them a safe journey back to the USA!

Bonus!!!! Loving the look of Old Glory against the background of the Dublin skyline.

US Eagle Ship dublin skyline 2016

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Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone


As we take off for Donegal today we spotted the US Coast Guard Eagle on our way out of town. I, like any reasonable person, jumped out of the car to snap a photo.
I had forgotten about the Eagle’s landing in Dublin and was super excited to get the chance to capture her in a photo. Seeing the Eagle this am got me to thinking…. Everyone should experience a foreign country to gain a new perspective and also, an appreciation for your home country. The feeling I got when I saw this ship was pure joy. It was SO nice to see Old Glory flying high at the bow of the ship. As much as I am enjoying my time in the Emerald Isle, there really is no place like home. Now, if only I could shove a six year old’s sparkly red slippers on my feet and click my heels to get to Florida.
Ahhhh for the moment the beautiful Donegal is calling and I shall excitedly spend my weekend there. I just hope the Eagle waits to leave until I return to Dublin on Monday.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

A picture is worth a thousand words…..this photo below doesn’t need much explanation. It’s the story of a three year old boy gleefully playing in a field of Holland’s vibrant daffodils. He is jubilantly running towards the camera and knocks me down just after I snap the picture. That’s the thing about kids….they find joy and genuine happiness in the simplest of life’s pleasures. And really, what is more amazing than running through a field of flowers and feeling the wind on your face? He is experiencing all of his senses except for taste (OK it is highly likely that he did try at least a flower or some dirt) with a carefree attitude.  I hope that is how he continues to go through life…jubilantly enjoying the small things on this beautiful earth.

Jubilant Weekly Photo ChallengeAmsterdam Chase in Daffodil Field

Three Things You Must Do on Capri Island

Capri Island in Italy may be small but there is a whole lot to do; if you only have a day on Capri then make sure you see/do these three things.  First things first, be sure to take the first ferry out in the morning to make the best use of time and book a return time around 430 or 5pm, if possible. Without further adieu, here are the top 3 things to do on Capri Island, Italy.

1)Gotta Get to a Grotto Begin your day with a boat trip to one of the breathtaking grottos (underwater caves). Things you need to know: Boat trips last anywhere from 1-2 hours and travel around the island with entrance to a grotto an extra price. The famous Blue Grotto is just one of several on the island (coral, green, & white are the others), so you may opt to travel to a less popular one. Boat trip times vary according to the tide, so if you try to go later in the day, the tour may not be running (this is what I did and missed seeing the Blue Grotto) Capri 2016

2)Coast on to a Coastal Walk Capri Island boasts one of the most beautiful and rugged coastlines which make for a lovely walking experience and the chance to capture incredible photos. A nice walk is the Giro dell’ Arco Naturale….enjoy the giant rocks jutting out from the water and a natural limestone arch unique to the area. Read more about natural walks you can take on Capri.

Capri Boat Town Close Up 2016.jpg

3) Grab a Seat on the Funicular to Get to the Gardens of Augustus  Buy tickets for the funicular in Capri and ride up the hillside in style. What you need to know: Funicular leaves about every 15 minutes but check the site for details. Tickets are inexpensive around 1.80 euros for a single ride per person. You will walk approximately 10 minutes past the shops to get to the Gardens of Augustus. Tickets for Gardens of Augustus are also inexpensive at under 10 euros per person. Enjoy a sky high view of the Faraglioni Rocks and an aerial view of the Via Krupp (pictured below left). Plan to visit early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds.


Insider tip….book your boat tour first then plan your hike and visit to Gardens of Augustus for the latter portion of the day. There are some delicious restaurants at the Piazzetta just as you depart the funicular, so plan on lunch just prior to viewing the Gardens of Augustus.

Don’t forget to grab an authentic pair of handmade, Italian leather sandals at the likes of  Amedeo Canfora or L’Arte del Sandolo Caprese.

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